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9 years ago

James Brown. Personal Reflections of Black America. Live at the Apollo Theater, March 1968. from James Brown: Personal Reflections of Black America

James Brown. A clip from the documentary, "The Night James Brown Saved Boston", features part of his live performance at the Apollo Theater in New York City, March 1968. James Brown discusses with the audience being a black man in the Black community. He further reflects on Black America and walking through condemned housing in Harlem. James Brown felt his fight was against the past and his fight became for Black America to become 'The America".
James Brown: Man to Man was a concert film recorded live at the Apollo Theater. It was broadcast as an hour-long syndicated television special and is one of the first color recordings of James Brown.

Video transcript:

James Brown: Around the country I've been doing a lot of things and I wanna bring out some of the things because I want you to know that I'm more than just an artist, the man who sing and dance and scream or something on the stage. I want you to know that I'm a man, a black man, a soul brother.

[Audience Applause]

James Brown: I was walking by the day when we found a car standing there but I was looking out. I guess I'm really concern about people. Overlook in the city, overlook [inaudible 0:00:32] and I've seen all the torn beyond I want to say that. Shadowville is a place that has had tall buildings, buildings that are still standing, still standing that should be removed. Do you know who lived there? The black people. What I would do I would visit everyday and they wouldn't stay long. [Inaudible 0:00:56] and then go back to one of their friends. Everybody wants to feel they're important and I think this is the main thing because that no one else [inaudible 0:01:04] I wanna be some type of movie actor, sports pitcher what it was. I just wanna be and then all of sudden I wanna be a tall guy. Now I wanna be a cowboy, you know you want to be anything that's important. I want to watch and find a lot of people standing in an area that they have nothing to offer. I went from black America then I start talking to the white America and I was saying these are the things that has to be done and this is the area that you have to go in who've got goods to need people. Now we gotta go to the people that not even surviving. I [inaudible 0:01:48] about a year and half later. I see new houses and watch and I saw hers dress better. I saw a community that turn around from one thing and went directly to another thing that made me feel good. I was walking in front of condemned, I guess it was condemned partly because of [inaudible 0:02:19] or something that was gonna do to someone that's out in the street because there are some outside the street always and no one give a list out of this. Everybody gotta be out of here because here were some houses and could be renovated and went really out of sight [inaudible 0:02:34]. That was a part [inaudible 0:02:38] know the answer to all these things. You know in Washington I remember walking on the street with this elderly lady and you know, she was getting so much good feeling, good will, so and really, you know, start to involve and moving and getting all over you because she stayed right with me. She knows what [inaudible 0:03:03]. She was getting something for me. I think that she wanted from her son. I made a grandson and through me she was getting that love and attention but what she don't know was to her I was getting the same thing. Yeah more broken black families on a percentage any other race in the world and there's gotta be a reason because we need education [inaudible 0:03:30]. Materially I was poor. I'm still poor and my fight just started and my fight against the past, the old colored man. My fight is I guess that my fight is for the black America become America.

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