• 5 years ago
Ryan Boss performs 'Better Off Alone' for BalconyTV Nashville
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For a few good years, Ryan Boss has been making a splash around his native Georgia, with waves flushing across the state's border and beyond. Only 23 now, there's a dark streak to his music and a sensation of a life experience under his belt. On this belt hangs a guitar, the weapon that Boss first picked up when he was 14 and hasn't put down since.
Influenced by artists as diverse as Stevie Ray Vaughan and Michael Jackson, Ryan sees feeling as the common denominator in all the music he enjoys. He likes songs that invoke a response out of him emotionally, and that's why his audience finds his tunes and words so easy to relate to.

These days Ryan Boss plays a lot of acoustic shows, and he says an unamplified guitar serves his purposes well. In Ryan's own words, it's a more personal, pure form of the instrument, and for those who watch Boss on-stage there's a deeper connection with a solo artist. Not that it always was this way: when he was 17-18, Ryan fronted a few bands that weren't serious. After that, he just wanted to play guitar for awhile, as he tried to find a band but that never really worked so, aged 20, the youngster started doing open mics - because he couldn't just sit around.
The unplugged format proved to have been a lot of fun, yet Boss would like to play in a
trio and do some electric stuff in the future.

There's a song of Ryan Boss' called "Unbound", so loved by the public, which goes,

"I tried to say something profound
But nothing would come out
My brain can't seem to fit the words through my trembling mouth
I must have been so choked up
I think I could drowned
I better say something now
Before I come unwound".

And that's exactly what he does. He felt unbound a bunch of times, especially when Ryan, as he says, gets in his head to come up with reasons someone might judge him harshly and shuts down a bit.
Not before the audience, though: there's an enigma to this musician, and that's another thing that draws people to Boss.


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