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    Paris CDG planes ballet (timelapse)


    par Pixels_Revenge

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    Thanks to our new collaboration with ADP (Aéroports de Paris), we were allowed to access terminal roof and runways for a one-shot timelapse session, in the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.
    All shots have been made within the same afternoon/evening, using 4 photo camera units.

    For any license request, please send a mail to : info at pixelsrevenge dot com

    Credits :
    Franck Bindefeld (ADP - Communication Interne) : Original concept
    Julien Mesquite (Pixel's Revenge) : Image
    David Coiffier (Pixel's Revenge) : Image and post-production

    Music piece is "Slow motion" from Julien Lourau Groove Gang (

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    EDIT : After a first try to put this video online in december, here it is finally back.
    I've spent months trying to negotiate with the copyright authority that is in charge of copyrighted buildings in CDG airport.
    They denied the non commercial aspect of publishing on Vimeo, and asked for their fee no matter what I could say.
    They also refused to clearly identify which buildings are copyrighted and which ones are not, simply answering that all buildings are, what I suspect to be totally false.
    This discussion leading to nowhere, I've decided to put online a version with obvious copyrighted buildings being blurred, and will blur some more if they ask me to.
    Finally, despite those shots were made for ADP itself (the company owning those copyrights), copyright authority still denied any form of derogation.

    Anyone interested into licensing one of those blurred pictures will have to deal with them, to use unblurred version. Fee is not that high and can easily be affordable for a production company or a TV broadcaster, but I can't stand the idea they get paid when I publish and get paid a second time when licensing, so I did not accept to pay anything, no matter what the fee amount is.

    A non blurred version is also available, but can't be published online, for obvious reason.
    You can see it thru regular file download, here :