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1936-Popeye The Sailor - Let's Get Movin

il y a 12 ans7.3K views

" Thanks to the series, Popeye became even more of a sensation. During the mid-1930s, polls taken by theater owners proved Popeye more popular than Mickey Mouse. In 1935, Paramount added to Popeye's popularity by sponsoring the "Popeye Club" as part of their Saturday matinee program. Popeye cartoons, including "Let's Sing With Popeye" were a regular part of the weekly meetings. For a 10 cent membership fee, club members were given a Popeye Kazoo, a membership card, the chance to become elected as the Club's "Popeye" or "Olive Oyl" and opportunities to win other valuable gifts. " (Source: Wikipedia)

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1936-Popeye The Sailor - Let's Get Movin
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