NES Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (USA PRG1)

  • il y a 17 ans
- Genre: Sport
- Genre: Fighting
- Uses no passwords
- Manipulates luck
- Aims for fastest time

The objective is not to beat your opponent... but to humiliate him by winning as fast as possible.

Record times in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out (several fights were played a little faster than in the previous version):

Glass Joe 0:42.00 Von Kaiser 0:35.95
Piston Honda 0:40.25

Don Flamenco 0:14.97 King Hippo 0:37.25
Great Tiger 0:47.48 Bald Bull 0:57.82

Piston Honda II 0:50.25 Soda Popinski 0:45.25
Bald Bull II 1:08.97 Don Flamenco II 0:58.61
Mr. Sandman 2:18.00 Super Macho Man 0:45.25

Mike Tyson 1:58.XX

No clock stop glitch in this run.

This is the 4th published version of this game. This run improves the Mr. Sandman fight by 1 game clock second.