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Abe: 12 Year Old Coming Out Follow up ("Part 9")

Philip Marks
6 years ago|26.6K views
Abe made this and it was carried in several parts for some reasons, there are no other parts, this is a consolidation of the parts that are know.

Abe posted his original video on July 7, 2009. This info box last updated Feb 2013

KIDS: I don't know Abe and cannot put you in touch with him; if you are looking to meet other kids there is a site that is pretty safe, called the Queer Youth Community, Open to 13-21 but the forums are open to kids as young as 11.

But with ANY site please use care!

- Gay is sinful
- Gay is a choice
- He is sick
- ‘faggot’ or similar comments
- He is too young to know he is gay
- Make comments not appropriate to a chld of 12


FOR EVERYONE: Frequently Anticipated Questions:

How can I contact him? – Originally on YouTube he is no longer there. I cannot link you to him, contact him, etc. I never had any DIRECT contact with him but he has given permission for this to appear by passing a message through a third party.

He definitely does not want people to contact him. Please accept the gift of this video from him and leave him be. If I gave his contact the poor guy would have 50,000 people messaging him at least.

Oh and I am pretty sure he says "I just like the guys...and avert to the girls." I think he means "avert" [uh-vurt] verb (used with object) to turn away or   anyway... a·vert aside: to avert one's eyes.

In this video Abe is a cute kid, if you want to say that you can. Abe might seem sexy to you, but if you go beyond a general innocuous comment of that type I'm likely to block you. I make no judgments, if he's your cup of tea, if you'd like to sweep him off his feet, marry him, whatever, I don't care but DO NOT post your feelings here!! Now if you are 11 or 12 and want to say he's hot, I can live with that.

I do not have that kind of channel and I don't want to have that kind of channel. I respect gay kids and teens, and for that matter, men, women, and straight youth. Abe does not portray himself in a sexualized way, and you should not use this blog to treat him as a sexualized adult/adolescent. Are we clear? Are we crystal clear?

Is he really gay?
--DId you watch?? Of COURSE he is! Yes he STILL is.

Isn't this just a phase he's going thru? No. En Oh. He likes guys always he wanted to have a bf in 4th grade. Would you ask that of a 12 yo boy who said he likes girls? NO, EN OH, NO!

Oh his braces are off now

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