Rule 34 - Sexbusters

11 years ago
Jimmy TehFreak debuts his new series.. inexplicably with episode 2 (dont ask) - Sexbusters - the 80's (and original) Ghostbusters porn parody. Is it worth downloading? Buying? Killing with fire? Tune in for a recap and review. This and more reviews, skits and sketches at for more, Kellen Nitro tries his hand at something MST3K and The Spoony One have made Popular, Riffing. This one is an old United States Hot Rod Association VHS tape called Blood, Sweat & Gears. Heavily Featured is former AWA Heavyweight Pro Wrestling Champion Sgt. Slaughter and Monster Trucking Icon Bigfoot. Can you handle the ultimate contest between man and Machine? Part 3/3 If you are watching us on youtube - please consider watching us at instead - the same great content (in fact even more great content) - or if you aren't comfortable with rival video sites - check us out at where we have several updates every week.