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The entire universe is my inheritance Elohim provided !

7 years ago|3 views
I am his Melchizedek Dr. Mekbib Adgeh and it is one of my Hebraist global/universal campaign messages I am working on.  My Elohim provided inheritance is the entire universe ( though we don't operate in Africa for undetermined period of time because they are under punishment of God and I don't have any knowledge Elohim revealed me about our operation in the continent of Africa, the entire universe is mine, the God of Israel inherited me. As for the future of the Cushites/Negros/Blacks/Africans who blasphemed God... the possibilities are: The Canaanites, Amorites, Hittites, Palestinians Elohim said have to be wiped out from the surface of the earth in Deuteronomy 20:15-18 don't exist on earth at all. The " Palestinians" which currently exist in " Palestine " are "Arabs" in reality Hebrew descendants of Shem, Abraham.... Accordingly, such a thing is also a possibility. Nevertheless, Elohim didn't reveal any thing further, other than banishing them to Africa and cutting all means of contact to Africans ( We don't import anything from, we don't sell them anything, no contact, no communication with them). The Caiaphas failure to consider the counsel of the God of Israel, neuter counseled them by the reputable Pharisee Gamaliel as noted in Acts 5:34-39 has caused the murder of more than 5 million Hebrews, 1700 years of persecution of my Caucasian Hebrew forefathers who have everlasting covenant with the almighty God, leave alone the heathen Cushites/Negros/Blacks/Africans who fought against the counsel of the God of Israel for many years, blasphemed Elohim, worshipping their African demonic spirits ( Voodoo worship), who committed horrific crime against humanity by their evil deed of sabotaging the chance of obtaining eternal life of more than 104 million persons, they made them suffer in hell forevermore, which otherwise I would have averted their suffering in hell, by enabling them obtain eternal life verifiable on earth in less than a month period, before they died physical death! The God of Israel is devouring fire as noted in Deuteronomy 4:24, Hebrews 12:29 !The white man in the video clip is me, his Melchizedek Dr.Mekbib Adgeh proving I am the Caucasian Hebrew ethnic American man, with redskin Hebrew, Caucasian Hebrew look I stated in my nine titles. It is the Hebraist miracle beyond epigenetics I have published to http://www.Hebraistnews.US 
His Melchizedek Dr. Mekbib Adgeh
The Hebrew High Priest ( Kohen Gadol), Elohim restored Shavout to,
the Hebrew Royal my Caucasian Hebrew forefather King David's royal crown 
Elohim restored to, the Caucasian Hebrew descendant of Shem, Abraham, Isaac & Jacob to whom Elohim restored the world, universal Kingdom of Israel/Shem
the Hebraist High Priest ( Kohen Gadol), ruler of all nations in the Universe,
the founder of the Hebraist Bet Elohim, the Hebraist Universe,
the only man in the Universe,

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