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1936-Ub Iwerks - The Big Bad Wolf

Michel Masse
il y a 13 ans|4.9K vues
"The Iwerks Studio opened in 1930. Financial backers led by Pat Powers suspected that Iwerks was responsible for much of Disney's early success. However, while animation for a time suffered at Disney from Iwerks' departure, it soon rebounded as Disney brought in talented new young animators. The Iwerks Studio enjoyed no great success and failed to rival the top Disney and Fleischer Studios. The backers withdrew further financial support from Iwerks Studio in 1936, and it folded soon after. Iwerks joined Termite Terrace, but left after doing two Porky Pig cartoons (both which were made at his now-defunct Iwerks Studios. He then joined Screen Gems (then Columbia Pictures' cartoon division), before returning to work for Disney in 1940. The cartoons created by Iwerks' own studio remained largely unseen for many decades, but have been released to laserdisc and DVD by Image Entertainment on their series titled Cartoons That Time Forgot. " (Source: Wikipedia)

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