Orient Express (DVD and Coins) by Mark Mason - Magic Trick

11 years ago
Available from http://www.world-of-magic.co.uk
One of Marks favourite professional routines.
This is Marks brilliant handling for copper/silver brass using NO COPPER NO SILVER JUST BRASS.
Orient Express uses 3 different colored Chinese coins.
The transpositions and exchanges are TWICE as strong and visual as the colors change places and not the coins.
This is easy direct magic thats perfect for any audience. With Marks handling its so simple to remember which coin is where as they follow the colors and not the coins.
Comes complete with
1 x Full training DVD.
1 X Red Chinese Coin.
1 x Blue Chinese Coin.
1 x Black Chinese Coin.
1 x Expanded Chinese Black reversible Shell.
1 x Red/Blue copper/silver Chinese Coins.