Jalocin - Iris (Album Trailer)

vor 11 Jahren
Album trailer for "Iris" by Jalocin.

The iris is the darkest spot of the eye and the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Hence, this album reflects a sometimes dark, melancholic mood (in a way, the "ah!" and "oh!" of the emotion communicated via esthetic sound events: music). Acoustic claps and analog kicks as well as mood complementing effects such as delay and reverb, are key elements throughout the entire album. The song titles are chosen conveniently but from foreign languages, therefore strange to the ear and without associations but still existing.


01. YMA
02. Färggland
03. Lingula
04. Gizeh
05. I Want You
06. Scant Of Breath
07. Syno
08. Perle

Beatport Exclusive from January 18th.

Releasedate February 1st.

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