• 18 years ago
World Fusion VIDEO is a way of composing, improvising, and performing that brings AVmusics together rather than segregating them. It is a way of making AVmusic which holds that allAV musics are created equal, coexisting in a beautiful brotherhoood/sisterhood of AVmusics that complement and fructify each other. It is a global concept which allows the world’s AVmusics—written, improvised, handed-down, traditional, experimental—to come together, to learn, from one another, to reflect human diversity and pluralism. It is the music of rapprochement, o
f entente_not of competition and confrontation. And it is the logical outcome of the American melting pot: E pluribus unum. Gunther Schuller / world jazz fusion radio at www . ih-have-CELESTRIAL@YAHOO.CON W.W.W.CENTER-OF-WORLD@.DE from alan. silva@