Nouveaux Cinémas Film Festival in New York Trailer

  • il y a 11 ans
Trailer The Nouveaux Cinémas Festival comes to New York!

For the second time ever, the Nouveaux Cinémas Film Festival will be descending on New York to showcase the crème de la crème of international short film offerings.

Started in Paris in 2005, the Nouveaux Cinémas Film Festival aims to connect people with high-quality digital filmmaking, in addition to promoting an innovative vision of present-day cinema. The Nouveaux Cinémas Film Festival is far-reaching and open to all.

Already established in France, Italy and Ukraine, the festival is migrating to New York City for a regular bi-monthly showcase.

Under the umbrella of its sister festival, « Le Jour Le Plus Court », this coming edition will celebrate short movies from France and the rest of the world. Join us for a screening of shorts films and a live concert by VideoVideo in Brooklyn, on Thursday, December 20th, 6:30 PM, at Berry Park, Williamsburg.

4 Berry Street @ N14TH
Brooklyn NY 11211
Subway : L to Bedford ou G to Nassau

Thursday, December 20th
at 6:30PM

Free Admission