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Beau Bosko (1933)

Bosko is in the Foreign Legion, and is sent out on a dangerous mission to capture the notorious Ali Oop. Highlights include a uniform shaking a sleeping Bosko, a backpack containing a working sink, and a caring and sensitive camel.

Most Bosko shorts tend to have a few really good gags in an otherwise dull and uneven cartoon. Quite often, there will be one notable section which works fairly well. This one, however, is fairly solid from start to finish, with memorably funny gags spread out through the whole of the short.

It starts with a view of the sleeping quarters of a Foreign Legion outpost, with some nice sight gags. When reveille sounds, the mean Sargent comes in, to be serenaded with a child-like, sing-song rendition of "Good Morning To You"! Bosko's uniform stands to before Bosko wakes up to the bugle's call and must wake Bosko itself. They (Bosko and his uniform) run out to stand inspection, where Bosko does his morning ablutions standing in ranks! He's called forward and given the assignment to capture Ali Oop (no mention is made of a dinosaur).

The next part has Bosko riding a camel and gets the typical gags in any Foreign Legion cartoon-the oasis, other people comically riding camels, the snake charmer (with a jazzy snake) and so on.

Bosko sees Honey just in time to be with her when Ali Oop storms the village (naturally, as it speeds things up when you don't have to hunt for the bad guy) and the battle sequence starts, with the jokes being sight gags related to people shooting at one another. I won't spoil those, because they have to be seen to be appreciated.

The short ends with Bosko getting the girl and capturing Oop. The capture of Ali Oop is effective and funny. I hope this eventually see release on a future Looney Tunes Golden Collection. Most recommended.