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Hotel Chain Offers Stay As Long As Next Guest Doesn't Check In

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An Australian hotel chain is offering a free overstay campaign.

Tired of poor hotel experience? One hotel is taking a refreshing approach to better customer experience as part of their campaign.

the Art Series Hotels, a boutique hotel chain in Australia, is allowing guests to overstay their reservation…literally.

The idea is simple. Guests who spend a night between December 16th and January 13th call down to reception the morning of their departure and ask for an ‘overstay checkout’.

The hotel will let you know how late you can stay until the next guest is supposed to check in.

It could be hours, an extra night, days or even a week. There are no limits on the extended stays. And the best part, the extra time received is free.

The company’s CEO sums up the campaign stating “We think hotels keeping rooms vacant is a bit of a waste. If people are not using them, why not let guests stay longer, even if it's a few days”.

How do you like the idea?
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