Batterie solo ,Jean Pierre Dalmassy jazz et latin

  • il y a 18 ans
Batterie solo ,Jazz fusion, rock funk, samba, latin funk,drum solo live,drum lesson, subscribe to my youtube channel

In this video you will find:

1st part solo improvisation rock funk

2nd part bell at the foot samba fusion

3rd part solo drum improvisation with ostinato

Live solo drum excerpt
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Good music
Show Drummers in Freedoms
Director Laurent Pesenti Double Drum's
Contact: Jean Louis Mauduit
Vic Firth 5A
The cymbals Sabian which I use in the video are:
Sabian 14 "Hit Hat
Sabian 10 '' Hit Hat
Sabian 20 "Evolution Ride
Sabian 1o HHX Splash
Sabian 18 '' Crash Ride HH
Sabian 16 '' HHX Evolution
Sabian 18 '' HH Thin China
Sabian 16 '' HHX Evolution Crash
Drums: Pearl Master Premium Birch
14x5,5 Snare Drum Sensitive
Evans G2 Drum heads
Inspiration: Peter Erskine, Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Benny Greb, Horacio Hernández etc.
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