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9 years ago

7 Amazing Facts About Queen Mary 2

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Learn 7 facts about one of the world's largest ships Queen Mary 2.

Queen Mary 2 - pronounce 2 as the number two

Queen Mary 2 is one of the largest cruiseships in the world. Here are 7 amazing facts about it:

Number 7 - The whistle of Queen Mary 2 can be heard from 10 miles away.

Number 6 - Built at an impressive cost of $800 million, this grandiose ship can accommodate approximately 2,620 guests at a time.

Number 5 - Queen Mary 2 is as long as 41 double decker buses in London. The ship is 1,132 feet long and 131 feet wide, making it longer than landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Washington Monument.

Number 4 - Nearly 16,000 meals are consumed every day on this majestic ship.

Number 3 - There are 2000 bathrooms on board.

Number 2 - With approximately 8000 books, Queen Mary 2 houses one of the largest libraries on sea.

Number 1 - This awe-inspiring ship is home to the first planetarium on sea.
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