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Synchronic Sight - The Seventh Sense 24-0

vor 6 Jahren25 views

Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. 7, Book of the Cube by José Argüelles and Stephanie South


the publication of


I am writing today confirm that we, the Foundation for the Law of Time, authorize your usage of the Cosmic History Chronicles on YouTube.com. All we ask is that you please give proper credit to the authors, Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan and Stephanie South/Red Queen - as well as the website www.lawoftime.org

We thank you for sharing this most important information with the world.


Jacob Wyatt
Operations Manager

Foundation for the Law of Time
"Envisioning the Earth as a Work of Art!"

In lak'ech!

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Synchronic Sight - The Seventh Sense 24-0
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