[OSDC.fr 2012] Mioga on SlapOS - A collaborative Extranet rises into the Clouds

  • il y a 12 ans
par Viktor Horvath


Mioga, the collaborative Extranet by Alixen, permits document sharing within inter- and intra-organisational workgroups through a fine-grained permission system. It complements an existing messaging system by providing groupware services: workgroup management, directory service integration, WebDAV or web access to documents, meta-data search, calendars, contacts, and many others. A project management application is about to be added.

We take Mioga as an example for how to port an existing, complex web application to the SlapOS cloud, turning it into a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution compatible with many different cloud providers. Both projects being entirely Free Software, we can show code examples from all steps: from the "buildout recipes" for components like PostgreSQL or Perl CPAN modules to the Slaprunner integration interface and live deployment. Finally, we show how fast modifications can be deployed.