[OSDC.fr 2012] SlapOS - Reduce your sysadmin work by 80% and fly across 36 clouds
  • il y a 11 ans
par Cédric de Saint Martin


SlapOS implements the concepts of "Personal Cloud" and "Decentralised Cloud" for higher resilience, improved privacy and wider compatibility with public clouds or bare metal. SlapOS is developed by a community including companies such as Nexedi, VIFIB, Dashing Software, Alixen, and Wallix. It is based on mature open source software including buildout, supervisord and ERP5.

The SlapOS model is based on standard Unix process/user separation. SlapOS can thus implement a wider range of Cloud models: virtual machine models, IaaS models, containers, instances, bare-metal PaaS among others. Nodes can be distributed geographically among different data centres and companies, or even into people's homes. Billing is built into SlapOS through ERP5, the open source ERP, which also acts as a process orchestrator. This greatly simplifies the complexity of SaaS architectures since only two different software systems are used instead of more than six in traditional Cloud architectures.

In conclusion, we demonstrate the SlapOS web-based development environment and show how it is possible to create a simple recipe which makes an application compatible with more than 36 public clouds. We also show how this recipe can include so-called "resilience", a feature which switches automatically an application from one public cloud to another in case of downtime or disaster.

We recommend the following presentation for an example of a complex application ported to SlapOS: "Mioga on SlapOS".