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Sony Files Revolutionary Patent, EA Declares Consoles "Niche Market", Mass Effect 3 DLC Dated/Priced - Nick's Gaming View Episode #81

6 years ago|15.3K views
Coming up today on Nick’s Gaming View, Sony files video game controller patent integrating heating and cooling elements, founder of Electronic Arts declares consoles as a niche market, and Mass Effect 3’s ‘Omega’ DLC dated and priced, THIS IS NICK’S GAMING VIEW!

Hello everyone and welcome to Nick’s Gaming View, you are here with your host, Nick McCandless. Despite the poor performance of Sony’s PlayStation Move controller, in comparison to Microsoft’s successful Kinect platform, Sony has filed a new patent integrating technology that would allow for a controller to heat up and cool down in the midst of a video game experience. Featuring bands around the controller, developers would have the ability to code moments in which the temperature of the controller would change to simulate a real life experience such as heating up while a gun overheats or cooling down within a cold gameplay environment. Such technology would also allow for reducing perspiration of the hands by combining a biometric sensor that is able to detect sweat by a decrease in galvanic skin resistance. While the technology certainly seems enticing, if Sony is planning on success, they must reevaluate their previous marketing plans and discover intuitive ways to implement such technology within both hardcore and casual games.

Trip Hawkins, founder of the most successful games publisher ever, Electronic Arts, has recently expressed his belief that video game consoles are becoming a niche market. Stating “The console market is always going to be with us, because there’s always going to be a hardcore segment, a segment that likes innovation. But it’s going to become a smaller market, and it’s going to be more like a hobby market.” With gaming on mobile phones becoming the most popular source of video game content on the market, I can see where Hawkins is coming from, but is the scale of hardcore gaming truly hitting a decline? Be sure to fill me in on your thoughts on the subject and why you agree or disagree with his theory.

Finishing off today’s video game news, Bioware has announced the official release date and price for their upcoming Mass Effect 3 DLC titled, Omega. Claiming to be the largest DLC release ever for the Mass Effect series, gamers will journey back to the Omega asteroid colony where control will lie in Aria, a supposed gangster, who has been tasked with defending the colony from Cerberus forces. Due out on November 27th as a timed exclusive for Xbox 360, the upcoming DLC will run 1200 Microsoft Points. For those who possess the PS3 or PC version of Mass Effect 3, a release date has yet to surface, but expect the wait to last no longer than a few weeks.

Well that concludes today’s episode of Nick’s Gaming View but be sure to follow me on Twitter @NickMcCandless and check back daily for Nick’s Gaming View for your daily access pass for all things gaming.