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8 years ago|6.1K views

Clinic - Miss You (Official Video)

Miss You is the first single taken from Clinic's forthcoming seventh album, Free Reign (12th November). Creeping along obsessively like a heavily medicated Invaders, Miss You is an off kilter slow jam that evokes classic Clinic whilst taking the transportive craft of Ade Blackburn and co. to strange new frontiers -the damaged waves of interference and ghostly effects that cut through the mix making the titular refrain sound as dark as it is romantic.

The accompanying, equally transportative video was directed by The 3 Sisters (Andy Knowles, Josh McCartney & James Hicks).

Miss You will be available on 7" (RUG495) from 12th November, b/w the track, Lucky 7. Pre-order the 7" HERE:

Produced by the band themselves in their hometown of Liverpool and mixed with the assistance of Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never), Free Reign is unflinchingly original, hugely innovative, hopelessly weird and defiantly beautiful. To pre-order the album on CD, digital download or on limited edition UFO format - which comes in the form of an exclusive, glow-in-the-dark cosmic flying disc with album download code (ie, a pretty nifty frisbee) - click HERE:

Directors/Animators/Designers: The 3 Sisters (Andy Knowles - Josh McCartney - James Hicks)

Production Company: Ralph