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Volcom Pipe Pro 2012 Day 3 Highlights

il y a 6 ans52 views

The third day of competition for the 2012 Volcom Pipe Pro started this morning in absolutely perfect 10-12 foot Pipeline. We awoke to pumping surf that cranked all day long from the same WNW swell that washed out Pipeline yesterday.

Today's standouts included three perfect 10-point rides (with a $1,000 cash bonus from Electric's "Perfect 10 Award") given to Balaram Stack (New York), Dusty Payne (Hawaii) and Dylan Graves (Puerto Rico).

- Music - http://volcoment.com -
ARTIST: Premonition 13
SONG: Crossthreaded
- Volcom Entertainment -

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Volcom Pipe Pro 2012 Day 3 Highlights
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