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  • 12 years ago
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Decks Lies and Videotape
by Brent Braun
Decks Lies and Videotape...
a video notebook featuring the thoughts of Brent Braun.
One man
One camera
52 cards
9 stunning effects
This video notebook takes you into the mind of one man as he films and explains 9 great effects he has created and performed over the last 6 years
A ball go directly through glass No handkerchiefs No plastic frames No camera tricks. Just bam
Torched amp Restored - Brents handling of the torn and restored card plot that has taken the magic world by storm
Two cards trade instantly change places with out ever being touched by the magician and change back just as fast
Also featuring 6 other techniques and effects including the methods Brent has used in his ambitious card routine to fool the some of the worlds most knowledgeable magicians
Running Time Approximately 57min