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Poor Satan

13 years ago|5.4K views
September 12, 2006
Message #4: “Poor Satan”
By Elder Randy Skeete

Many people say “the devil made me do it.” That is not the case, the devil cannot make us do anything that we do not elect to do. We have the power of choice.

• Genesis 2:16,17 and Ezekiel 18:6 – “the wages of sin is death,” it has always been the penalty for sin. In the day that you sin, you will die. Any action contrary to God’s command is sin

What was so horrible about Adam’s sin?
All he did was eat a fruit, but Adam’s sin was an insulting sin.

• Genesis 1:31 - everything was good, including Adam and Eve. Adam was made sinless, his heart had no desire to do wrong, his mind was so connected with his Creator.
• Genesis 2:19 – every time Adam gave a name, God said “yes.” Adam’s human mind was connected with God’s Divine mind. Our wills and desires should be united with God’s will, desires and mind. The omnipotence of His will be poured into our hearts when we make decisions to follow him.

Here comes the devil through Eve, an agent of evil. When you make a decision to follow Christ, don’t’ be surprised when the greatest opposition comes from family members.

Sin was an external experience for Adam. Adam made a cold blooded decision. It did not come from within, with internal motivation to choose to sin against God. Now Eve was deceived, Adam was not. “For as by one man sin entered into the world…”(Romans 5:12). Adam’s sin was a “slap in the face of a Holy God,” it was not the devil’s fault.

How the horrible nature of sin rolls on like an avalanche

Psychological changes:
• Genesis 2:25 – prior to sin there was no shame , disgrace, humiliation, or embarrassment. Little children don’t have any shame, they are innocent.
• Genesis 3:7 – a sense of shame is introduced. Sin created in humanity the desire to fix our own moral problems.
• Genesis 3:9 – sin created fear in human beings, it put in human beings a desire to run in the opposite direction from God. Sin is a personal choice, not a group activity.
• Genesis 3:12 – sin causes us to make excuses from our failures. The greatest excuse is “I am only human.” That’s why God says “I am giving you divine power.”

Physical effects:
• Genesis 3:16 – it was not God’s plan for painful childbirth, something happened in the body.
• Genesis 3:17-19 –“in the sweat of thy face” and “Cursed the ground” were results of sin
• Genesis 3:18 – there are now plant life that did not exist before sin: thorns and thistles
• John 19:5 – Jesus Christ wore a crown of thorns, the symbol of the ground being cursed from sin. He also bore our fallen humanity, the result of sin entering the world.

The purpose of sin is to cause us to go west if God desires us to go east. How does God deal with this problem?

The fastest effect of sin was changing the nature of Adam and Eve
• Jeremiah 13:23 - It is impossible for sinful nature in its own power to do what’s right.
• Jeremiah 17:9 – since the devil can’t force you to sin, no one has to sin. No one can fully understand the depth of wickedness in human nature, “ye know not what manner of spirit ye are”
• Romans 8:7 – hostility and the carnal mind is not subject to Law of God. They that trust in the flesh cannot please God, it is naturally hateful towards God, opposed to His Law, and cannot keep the Law, but the Law is the standard of judgment. We need help!
• Ezekiel 12:13, 14 - “Fear God…” Law of liberty is the Ten Commandments

The carnal mind can develop a well mannered life. For example, open doors for women. That’s not transformation of character, we need Divine help. The carnal nature cannot keep the Law. It can avoid physical murder or physical adultery, but the Bible speaks of murder and adultery as a state of the mind. The thing we cannot keep, is the standard by which we are judged

• Jeremiah 31:33, Jeremiah 17:9

The devil is not responsible for our personal choice of sin.

The heart is deceitful, which is the center of the person, the personality, the mind, and the heart is where the problem is rooted.
• Mark 7:20-23 – All these things come form the heart, from within. Satan does not have to come and do anything. You don’t need Satan for an evil desire. Now God says here’s what I’ll do, God will focus on the source of the problem
• Jeremiah 31:33 - “in their inward parts….”

Jesus didn’t die to change hands, but hearts. Exactly where sin begins, its earliest manifestations, I will put my Law right there. Why the Law?

• Psalm 119:151 – all commandments are true
• Psalm 119:142 – what does truth do? Sets us free and sanctifies
• John 17:17 – sanctify

Truth is contained from Genesis to Revelation. All of God’s word is Truth and it is revealed in the righteous character is Christ’s life.
• John 16:33- they are spirit and they are life (Holy Spirit and eternal life

The Law convicts you at the point where sin first becomes a desire. He puts it in the heart and mind because behavior begins in the thinking. Every action has a motive. The law judges the motive and corrects you at the level of the motive before there is a chance of the motive becoming a desire. Jesus Christ was the only living being who kept the law perfectly and Jesus promises, I will give you my life. The life is Jesus. Life is not something separate of God.
• John 14:6

The life of Christ is a glorious experience of how the Law should function in our day to day life. When Christ resisted the tempter, God the Father said “Yes, that’s what I had in mind with Adam.”

There is a difference between Law and principle. For example, you’re driving through a school district and the speed limit is 25 mph, 55 mph on the 10 freeway, 600mph in the air. Whether 600, 70, 55, or 25, while the speed changes, the principle does not change. The principle is safety.

If the principle is in the heart, you don’t need a law because your life is exactly what the Lord has in mind. Selfless love of a mother needs no law because she already has the principle of love in her heart. The principle of love is precisely the opposite of sin. Sin reverses God’s intention for the world. Selflessness is the principle of the universe. The power of God’s word can transform our lives to be unselfish. The answer to sin is Jesus Christ through faith in God’s word. “Blessed are they that do the Commandments.”
Entire Bible teaches loving obedience to God. Sin is the devil’s plan to put upside down God’s principle of selfless existence. You can choose to sin or choose to obey God. Christ gives his power now to fight against sin. The law of God in our hearts is a defense against sin. Let’s ask the Lord tonight to give us His righteousness and power to obey His commandments and to help us choose to live a selfless life. Amen.

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