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Good Gifts Come From Above

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Freedom from Fear
September 10, 2006
Message #2: “Who has your back?”
by Elder Randy Skeete

Review: “What women should know about God?”
1) God knows how to take care of us
2) Colossians 1:16 – Christ is the Creator and sustainer of all things

Why was it necessary for Jesus to die?

Why not angels, why not God the Father or the Holy Spirit?
First we need to define sin, what is sin?

1 John 3:4 – The Biblical definition of sin is the transgression of the Law
There are many examples of sin throughout the Bible
James 4:17 is an example of sin
I John 5 – all unrighteousness is an example of sin

Let’s look at the Law:
Lucifer transgressed the Law, which is the transcript of God’s character

Exodus 25:16 – What did God mean?
Exodus 25:21 – Notice the word “testimony”
Exodus 31:18 –2 Tables of Testimony, tables of stone
Exodus 32:15 – 2 Tables of Testimony

What is the Testimony spoken in the verses above?
Let’s look at what the definition of a testimony is: it is a statement of that which was seen and heard or the accurate rendering of events

The Testimony is The Ten Commandments, which testify of God’s character. It represents the righteousness of God.

Psalm 119:137, 144 – notice the word “everlasting”, God has always been there, it is His character that is everlasting

So, going back to our very first question, we see that Jesus had to die because
Sin is a violation of the standard that reflects the character of God
Sin first and foremost insults God personally

All sin is against God’s person and character.
Genesis 39:7-9 – the logical conclusion would have been for Joseph to say “How can I do such wickedness and sin against Potiphar?” since Potiphar was the one being so nice to him, but just because something is logical does not make it true.
Psalms 51:4
Genesis 20:3-6 – Abraham’s wife was stolen by the king. The king understood, after he realized that Sarah was really Abraham’s wife not sister, that he was about to sin against God.

In Summary,

The Law is sacred as God
Sin is a personal affront against God
Daniel 10:12,13 – Gabriel, the highest angel in heaven was held up by a “Persian king.” What power can hold up the highest angel for 21 days that Micheal, Jesus Christ, had to come and help? Luke 1:10-13,19 - Zecariah was sore afraid at the presence of Gabriel. Only Satan can take on Gabriel. Satan didn’t lose any of his power when he was cast out. Sin has a power behind it and in it that no angel can handle. No human being can resist an angel. The prince of Persia, talked about in Daniel 10 was not a human being. Luke 2:8 – afraid when they saw an angel. Matthew 28:1 – human beings cannot resist angels. Hebrews 22:31 – Balaam scared to death at the presence of the angel. The prince of Persia must have been Satan himself. Ezekial 28:11,12 – king symbolized as the devil. Isaiah 14:4, 12 – Lucifer addressed through human beings. Gabriel was held up by the highest expression of evil, Satan himself, so Jesus had to come and help

The man who should have your back is Jesus Christ, the only one who can overthrow Satan. The devil cannot protect you from the wrath of God, but God can protect you from the power of Satan. God has to have your back. Only God could have died for sin.

Matthew 23:37 – “Jerusalem, Jerusalem….”
Luke 10:40 – “Martha, Martha…”
Luke 22:31 – “Simon, Simon…”
Mark 15:34 – “My God, My God….”
Acts 9:4 – “Saul, Saul…”
Genesis 22:10 – “Abraham, Abraham…”
Exodus 3:1 – “Moses, Moses…”
1 Samuel 3:3-10 – “Samuel, Samuel…”

Jesus Christ, the one speaking in all these verses, is God, the man who should have your back. Only God can deal with the power of sin and Satan, the personification of sin.

Who is your God? Whom do you serve? Only God can save from sin. Jesus Christ is God. He said, “I am the resurrection,” not the resurrected. When Jesus died, Jesus rose Himself at the order of His Father. The power of resurrection was inherent to Him.
Revelation 1:17. Only God can take on Satan and win! Only God can successfully argue against the devil. Make sure tonight, it is Jesus Christ, who is God, that has your back! May God help us to make this decision tonight! Amen.

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