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Streamline Your Business Marketing with Video

How To Use Video to Market Your Business II:

Video proFile® page:
About Ross R. Mason:

Ron Books: Obviously, at ECi we have watched the expansion of our customers online presence. So a lot of customers now, the end consumers, are ordering their products via e-commerce. Is that becoming an extension of their e-commerce?

Ross Mason: It really is, and as much as is practical, we are finding that for mainstream businesses, several things are really important when they are considering video. It should be high quality, the research indicates that professional video is going to pull better than something shot with an iPhone or shot very quickly. On the other hand it needs to be based on information that you know your customers are asking about. Not so much what you want to sell to them. So some thoughts, some strategy is helpful to go through. In our business we\'ve put together a program called Video proFile and

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