Melody's Echo Chamber - I Follow You

  • 12 years ago
Melody’s Echo Chamber is the name given to the work of Paris-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Melody Prochet. Possessing a penchant for wild-eyed psychedelia, homespun motorik rhythm and an effortless flair for the sort of melodic classicism redolent of chamber song, Prochet is at once both an aficionado of pop’s outer limits and off-kilter to its expectations.
Melody’s Echo Chamber was recorded between Perth (with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker) and her grandparents’ beach house in Cavalière in France. With her smoky, sensual voice and romantic presence, Prochet embodies a distinctive kind of elegance and bold sense-of-self long associated with France’s more notable musical exports. But as much as her national identity runs through the fibre of the eleven tracks that make up Melody’s Echo Chamber, there’s worldliness at play too; a looking beyond the fringes of personal experience to trawl through Europe’s art pop lineage – kraut, space-rock, dream-pop, electronica - in a way that’s as much cinematic in its scope as it is musical.
Melody’s Echo Chamber will be released on Nov 5th 2012 on CD (WEIRD019CD) and LP (WEIRD019LP).
Watch the video for future single, I Follow You, filmed in Cavaliere in the South of France by Laurie Lassalle.