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    The Last of Us Defines PS3's Limits (Interview) - E3 2012


    by TheGamerAccess

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    When The Last of Us was announced during Spike's 2011 VGAs on December 10th, Naughty Dog's latest project left the industry speechless with outstanding visuals and immersive action sequences. Since its unveiling just six months ago, The Last of Us has continued to stun gamers, especially with its impressive presence during Sony's E3 2012 Press Conference. Displaying amazing visuals combined with incredible combat mechanics led to a standing ovation within the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, where the Press Conference was being held.

    Ending the PlayStation Press Conference with a bullet to the head of one of Joel's victims was simply epic and left the gaming community amped for Naughty Dog's upcoming release. Also following Naughty Dog's track record with Jak & Daxter and the Uncharted franchise, The Last of Us is shaping up to be one of the most technically impressive and entertaining video games to release this console generation.

    After viewing a behind-closed-doors session of The Last of Us during E3 2012, I had the opportunity to speak with Jacob Minkoff, lead designer of The Last of Us. Watch as he details what gamers should expect with The Last of Us and how incredible their artificial intelligence system known as "Balance of Power" truly is.