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Texture Pack Review part 46 - Defscape

6 jaar geleden33 views

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- The 64x version was originally created to upgrade Minecraft to HD, but without being too different from the default pack.
- The 16x & 32x versions continue the theme by introducing a low-res and a medium-res version.
- The packs are built to be smooth and non-grainy yet not "simple".
- They include GUI, item (64x & 32x), particle (64x, 32x & some 16x), weather, animation, mob, terrain, art, font, chest, sign, boat and cart upgrades.
- The packs are compatible with random mobs, now included in MCPatcher.
- If you're a redstonian, these packs were also designed to make redstone wiring clearer.
- Currently, villagers haven't been upgraded as I'm not convinced this is their final form!
- These texture packs will be regularly updated - new versions will be typically released within 24-48 hours of a new Minecraft update, and sometimes inbetween.
- Comments, suggestions and opinions are all welcome Posted Image. 

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Texture Pack Review part 46 - Defscape
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