Mickey Rourke Biography Video Trailer **Stand Alone: The Films of Mickey Rourke**

  • 12 years ago
This detailed book takes an in depth and critical look at each and every film that Mickey Rourke has ever made. The author, Saurav Dutt, has written extensively about Rourke for Total Film, Empire Online, Independent Film Magazine and Time Out and has been a fan of the actor for almost 20 years. Along with detailed critical analysis of his films (including rare ones barely available in the public domain), career and acting the book also includes interviews with cast and crew from some of his lesser known works: all culled from three years of intensive research. In addition there are transcripts from the full audio tapings of Rourke's appearances at a Q&A in London for 'The Wrestler' in 2009 and for his full uncut appearance on the Inside the Actors studio programme, both of which the author attended in person.