• 5 years ago
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Presented by Zeb Achonu
Photographed by Jei Tootle
Produced by Zoe Allwood
Edited & Directed by The Sprezz

While still in art school, Alana Stewart recorded a demo of songs in her friend's living room and gave them out as end-of-the semester presents to professors. Three of those professors proceeded to encourage her to (at least temporarily) drop out of school to pursue music. So she did.

She began making more ambitious recordings with a higher scrutiny for lyrics and melody after a humiliating experience with a French man. She was back-packing through Europe completely alone when she found herself in Paris, couchsurfing with a Dutch journalist. She was showing him and his friend the same recordings she gave to her professors and the Frenchman laughed in her face and told her how horrible the songs sounded. She was completely humiliated - 'I was so used to getting complimented on my voice I didn't know how to react'. But it was a blessing: 'No single person has influenced my eager pursuit of quality song-writing/recording as he has. My motto since then has been "higher standards".'

Alana hopes her EP "The Misuse of Chemistry" and album releases find their way into people's road trip playlists and journey mixes. 'I would love for my songs to have a positive influence on the decisions and discoveries people make while they're in segue. I hope the lyrics help them make the right choices and realize new things about themselves'. One thing is for sure - their melodies look set to make their spines tingle while they get to wherever it is they're going.

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