• 5 years ago
The West Seventies Holy Trinity™ consists of Mick Morris (vocals, bass), Pavel Barter (vocals, 12-string guitars), and Robin Hurt (vocals, guitars, noise).
TV appearances on the BBC and RTE quickly has won them a following. Their debut e.p. "What the stars provide" was recorded at the foot of the Rocky Mountains with the help of a local strip-club DJ. "The deeper you go", was released in 2004 to critical acclaim in Ireland. Today, the album is available in Tower Records, Dublin.
Having toured and performed with Irish artists like Paddy Casey, The Marshalls, Mundy, Juliet Turner, the Frames, Bell X1, and overseas draws such as Trashcan Sinatras and Alabama 3, the West Seventies have crashed the party and aren't about to leave.
In 2006, the band is working on its second album with a tentative autumnal release date.
The West Seventies perform 'Ill Start Again'
Presented by Pauline Freeman