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Cape Eleuthera Island School crab and bone fish

ourvideosite20110208 The crab was very active until there was a video camera on him! Both this crab and bone fish were at the Island School, Eleuthera, Bahamas. We saw them while we were staying at Cape Eleuthera resort.

Intimate, secluded and exclusive, Cape Eleuthera's spectacular setting blends an authentic island atmosphere with all the contemporary amenities you've come to expect. Less than 220 miles east of the Florida coast, Cape Eleuthera's convenient location is ideal for a weekend island getaway. Yet the glassy blue waters, pristine natural surroundings and charming Bahamian hospitality are reason to stay a lifetime.

At Powell Pointe Resort at Cape Eleuthera, guests will experience a taste of the island lifestyle with a relaxing stay in one of our luxury resort home rentals.

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