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Sock Dolls Embrace Painting by Carolyn Oberst

Geo Beats
Geo Beats
7 years ago|32 views
Sock Dolls Embrace Painting by Carolyn Oberst - as part of the series on arts by GeoBeats. Hi, I am Carolyn Oberst, and this painting is called "Sock Dolls Embrace". The images here are based on two argyle sock dolls from my toy collection, a rabbit and a duck. And in this instance I wanted to get away from the rectangle, so I decided when I was doing the drawing it is based on to use shapes as the background instead of the rectangle and see if I could combine the two together. By linking them together with elements from the sock dolls it became for me "Sock Dolls Embrace". I thought it was interesting how, one is a duck and one is a rabbit and these are not two images that you normally think as of going together. Yet here they are embracing each other or connecting to each other through the elements of the work. So I feel that it kind of speaks to the idea that even though we might have differences we can still find ways to bridge the gap. This is oil on wood relief. Some of the relief is a quarter inch up to an inch thick. They are painted with oil on the wood. I cut the wood with a ban saw. And once the pieces are cut and painted everything gets screwed on to the backboard from behind. So, in this instance there is a lot a painting on the backboard and a lot of painting on the elements and when it is done is when I get to see what it finally looks like.

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