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South Africa: Apartheid and the Role of Christianity

7 years ago|172 views
Dr. Khalid Al-Mansour is an International Attorney and Businessman. His college education was obtained at Howard University, where he majored in Philosophy and Logic, and at the University of California School of Law at Berkeley where he received his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. Dr. Al-Mansour has spent most of his adult life as a businessman/lawyer, intellectual, religious activist, author and teacher. His business and professional interests include co-founding the International Law Firm of Al-Waleed, Al-Talal & Al-Mansour, representing the O.P.E.C. interest of the famous Los Angeles trail, I.M.A.W.C. vs O.P.E.C; and serving as a co-founder and director of the Saudi African Bank (SAB), the United Bank for Africa (UBA) and the World United Bank for Africa (WUBA). The following excerpt was taken from the lecture given by Dr. Khalid Al-Mansour took place in South Africa The Topic was Christianity, Communism or Islam: Which is the solution to South Africa's problem? Click here to watch the full lecture Apartheid simply means 'separateness'. An Act was introduced in South Africa in 1948 that decreed that from then on, blacks would be 'separated' from whites. The Act, in fact, gave favour and supremacy to whites. As a result, strict segregation orders were enforced; forbidding blacks access to the same rights, social and educational provision and public places as whites. Many homes of blacks were confiscated and given to whites; blacks were forced to live in extremely poor conditions. They had no voice and if they did protest, they were dealt with very violently. The white dominated 'Dutch Reformed Church' supported apartheid, arguing from the Bible that: *South Africa's Apartheid laws were God's will. *Races should be kept apart. *Whites should have better opportunities as they heed God's 'favour'. *Mixed marriages and relationships are discouraged so races remained 'pure'. *God is the 'Great Divider'. Genesis 1 supports this, in that, God divides everything into separate categories - white is divided from black and meant to be separate. 

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