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Justin Timberlake is in love with Echo(s) !

Alexis Delabastita
il y a 7 ans|25 vues
Justin Timberlake's testimonial for the short-film Echo(s).

Enjoy Echo(s) at www.echoslefilm.com

Pour les francophones, des sous-titres sont disponibles en cliquant sur "cc" en haut du lecteur vidéo.

Justin Timberlake couldn't resist announcing to the world that he fell in love with Echo(s)!

This video is a parody.
We don't sell anything except the will that you'll take a look at our cool sci-fi film Echo(s) and become interested in the whole project.

Follow the evolution of the project Echo(s) on Facebook at http://fr-fr.facebook.com/pages/Echoslefilmcom/148711735217114

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