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Mr Jekyll et Dr. Al Zahar du Hamas

il y a 12 ans1.5K views

Incitation au terrorisme clair et net !!!

Dr. Al Zahar dirigeant du Hamas

" . .I do confirm that every span of Palestinian land which was occupied during the 1967 and 1948 whether it being settlements, cities, or villages I consider them as settlements. The Zionist project is an occupying and settling project. This project took over the Palestinian people and aims to convince the Arabic Nation and the rest of the world of the existence of Israel and the occupied land since 1967 which they call the Territories. All these lands are occupied territories and it is our ultimate right to defend this land, and to establish on it our independent state, even if achieved in stages. But never, will neither of the stages abandon our ultimate right for our entire Palestinian soil. We honestly declare; that the 1948 Occupied Territories are the most appropriate territories to be attacked in order to permanently create the perception that this land has legitimate owners who will never relinquish it no matter how powerful Israel and the Zionist occupation."

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Mr Jekyll et Dr. Al Zahar du Hamas
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