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Hamas - ses chefs fanatiques

il y a 12 ans5K views

Three leaders from Hamas.

Attala Abu al-Sabah
PA Minister of Culture
We will never recognize Israel!
and if our people who have placed its trust in us that we will indeed pursue our plan. So, despite that little dog, Bush, we will never let
our people down.Let our people know that we will never recognize Israel,and will never bargain.

Nasr Abed al-Rahman
We will never recognize Israel!
Al-Quds (Jerusalem) is ours, as well as Haifa, Beit Shean,Tiberias, Ashkelon, Ramla, Gaza and all of Palestine.

Dr. Ahmad Yusuf
Political adviser to Ismail Hania
Time is on the side of the Palestinian people, and Israel as a state, Inshallah, will be wiped off the map.

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Hamas - ses chefs fanatiques
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