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The Bakery Presents "SnoopyDoggisodes" Ep.9 "Road to Riches" starring The DOC, 1500 Or Nothin, DJ Battlecat , DJ Pooh, DJ Quik & RBX

Worldwide Westside
il y a 8 ans|192 vues
Produced by Snoop Dogg & Dah Dah, directed & edited by Dah Dah.
Tupac Shakur put it best: "There ain't nuthin like the old school!"
With JD from Da Lench Mob, Joe Cooley (from Rodney O & Joe Cooley) scheduled to come to the studios, Snoop Dogg motivates an All-Star ensemble of iconic proportions- DJ Pooh, DJ Quik & DJ Battlecat- together with legendary ghostwriter The DOC, RBX & another super-producer team- 1500 Or Nothin- to turn them into a hit-factory making-machine & write "The Next Episode" .
Further information @ http://www.snoopdogg.com/ or http://1500ornothin.com/ or http://www.djquik.org/ or http://wedawest.com/

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