16 years ago


Feijão Ribeirão
I had produced this movie with a wonder of the brazilian popular music of the 70's...Cuitelinho!
Cuitelinho is a bird that live geting feed in flowers.

enjoy it!
The song in english:
I had arrived there
In the port where the waves spread it

The bird turn around and seat in the beach
And Cuitelinho doesn't like
That flowers come down...

But when I came, said good bye to my land Italy
I went to Mato Grosso (*), I was in Paraguay lands
And there was a revolution...
I had faced great battles

Missing you is like to be cuted by a razor
The heart gets crazy... and it fails...
And my eyes get full of water...
Even the sight gets confuse


And eyes get full of water...
Even the sight gets confuse...

(*)Mato Grosso is a district of Brazil that stay in the border with Paraguay