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Odette Valentine - Le Futur de la création

Futur.e.s Festivals
Odette Valentine, du département de design de la Brunel University, UK, au CENTQUATRE dans le cadre du Festival Futur en Seine (mercredi 22 juin 2011 - le Futur de la création).

Switching & Stitching (Couture et Changement) : la révolution des technologies numériques, permettant l’expression de l’identité et la personnalisation des objets va aussi affecter ce que nous portons, et comment nous nous comportons avec ces objets.


Odette Valentine, Brunel University, UK

We adopt and appropriate material products to define ourselves – the clothes we wear, the objects we use to decorate our homes. Digital communications technologies increasingly share common attributes with material products in terms of how they enable people to construct an identity, to be expressive and form communities. The revolutionary growth of digital media and communications is allowing groups and individuals to collaborate, create and share their own material.

When material products converge with digital technology and materials science, what will happen? We can’t anticipate all of the end-use applications in advance because what actually happens in practice is the emergent outcome of user dynamics. How can we gain prior knowledge of emergent behaviour?
Despite the research that has been carried out in the EU on electronic textiles, we have yet to see successful products – probably because developers have taken a traditional engineering approach of developing something in isolation of consumers and users and imposing it on the world.

This presentation will explore alternative approaches to designing for a wearable world.