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Flipside 2005 OneOff - Making of Futureproof

iTunes: DVD: Romain De Marchi and JP Solberg are the headliner througouth the entire show. Together they travel from Europe to Tahoe at the beginning of the season to meet up with Justin Hostynek and start filming fort he new movie Futureproof. They find themselves in various locations around the world riding the terrains around Tahoe, Salt Lake, Les Crosets (Switzerland) till they both head up north in Norway to finish up their season in Riksgränsen. Througouth all their travels their is a funny interraction going on between those two while they come accross some the most funniest and intense moments. Their way through their season reflects the hardship of being a pro-snowboarder and what it takes to deliver continiously some of the best movie parts out there. Nicolas Müller has a big appearance while riding some new undiscovered terrain around Salt Lake and sets a statement of what Futureproof riding is all about. Chris Coulter gives us a glimpse of what his season was all about (accidents and big kickers). Nicolas Müller and Gigi Rüf riding together and a new discovered zone named -- Euro Disney. Two of the most talented riders riding natural features. Freestyle to it's best. Gigi Rüf also gives us the insight of his monstrous slam in Alaska which is probably one of the most memorable shots in the entire movie and Wolle Nyvelt doubles up with his sluff line of the season. Chris Coulter rounds the show up with his half pipe gap and ending his season with his last shoulder dislocation. Riders Gigi Rüf :: Romain deMarchi :: Wolle Nyvelt :: Kurt Wastell :: Trevor Andrew :: Jonaven Moore :: Christophe Schmidt :: DCP :: JP Solberg :: Matt Beardmore :: Nicolas Müller :: Chris Coulter :: Yannick Amevet :: Nicolas Droz :: Jules Reymond :: Jussi Tarvainen