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Experts Prepare India's Mughal Gardens for World Heritage Status

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A team of international experts organized a seminar to prepare the medieval Mughal Gardens in India's northern Kashmir for nomination to UNESCO World Heritage Site status. The Mughal Gardens are already on UNESCO's tentative list of World Heritage Sites.

These beautiful Mughal Gardens in India's Kashmir Valley were built in the 17th century by the Mogul rulers of India.

The gardens are a big tourist attraction and a team of international experts is hoping to increase their status by having them nominated UNESCO World Heritage status.

The 20 member team organized a seminar-come-workshop in Srinagar to prepare the gardens for nomination to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The team inspected the famous Shalimar and Nishat gardens in the Kashmir Valley, as well as the Parimahal and Verinag gardens.

[Dr. Jan Haenraets, Landscape Conservation Architect]:
"We have called for the seminar, this workshop seminar, to assist this way the preparation of the nomination for UNESCO World Heritage list. So over the last decade, quite a lot of research happens on the gardens, and we reached the point where we believed that we have a good case to put Mughal Garden of Kashmir -- six most significant gardens -- to put a forward for UNESCO World Heritage status."

Currently, out of the 900 places on the UNESCO list of heritage sites, only 28 are from India.

[Sameer Hamadani, Mughal Gardens Project Coordinator]:
"We want the Mughal Gardens to be on the World Heritage Site list. The World Heritage Site basically signifies the importance of a building. Presently there are gardens, whether they are on the World Heritage Site or not. But their importance increases when one it makes to the World Heritage Site list. So it depends on us, how we can increase its splendor and look into the issues faced in this regard."

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