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Shakemovie@home - Li Zhao - Asia@home 2011

il y a 8 ans|41 vues
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[size=3][color=red]"Shakemovie@home" Li Zhao, Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica[/color][/size]
We are now computing a database of 3D strain Green tensor (SGT) for Taiwan (100TB+) so that once a CMT is determined a program will be triggered to retrieve all the Green's functions needed to generate the synthetics to make shake movie and shake maps. The SGT database will have around ~7000 grid point (~64x110 covering all Taiwan area by 25km distance for adjacent two points). Each grid point will have about 15GB SGT data and is independent of any others. When there is an earthquake, we need to extract from each point the SGT for the earthquake location and calculate the seismogram for that point. In this talk, I will describe how the SGT database generation will be done by the Service Grid while the extract part (to calculate the seismogram and create the shake movie when there is earthquake) could be done by the volunteer computing model