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11 years ago

Electric Car Battery's Record Range of 280 Miles Per Charge

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A German company has developed a battery-powered electric car capable of driving 280 miles on a single charge. The company says the car can be made for a price similar to a conventional petrol fueled car - some very good news for the environment.

A German company say their new battery could be the breakthrough electric car-makers have been waiting for. The car should power a normal family car for up to 450km or 280 miles on a single charge.

The company, DBM Energy, says their new lithium-polymer technology is lighter and more efficient than lithium-ion batteries. They've fitted them in an Audi A2 to demonstrate their practicalities.

[Swen Streubel, Spokesman, L.E. Mobile]:
"This is no miracle, we have all of the components which are available in the car and in theory we can show that it is possible to travel via electricity today and that it is suitable for daily life."

Unlike other electric cars where the entire boot or trunk is used for the battery, the "Kolibri" battery occupies a lot less space.

Last Autumn, DBM Energy drove a different version - a prototype A2 - into the record books with a 600km trip from Munich to Berlin on a single charge.

The company says it used independent testers to verify the feat.

The Federal Office of Material Research checked the safety of the Kolibri battery while technical services company Dekra checked the performance.

DBM Energy says their battery has been examined and tested thoroughly, passing with flying colors.

[Klaus Reindl, Spokesperson, German Motoring Club ADAC]:
" … this battery actually is very efficient. Whether or not that will actually be enough in the future for traveling by electricity remains to be seen but it is certainly a step towards how the future will be."

Inventor Mirko Hanneman is positive that this technology could be the key...

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