I Love Kick Boxing. Angela Testimonial (2)

  • 13 years ago
On Glen Street in Glen Cove, Gold Martial Arts institute is teaching children, teens and adults valuable physical and mental skills through martial arts. Sensei Hender Alvarado, owner of the dojo and a third degree black belt, has been practicing martial arts for 23 years and is living his dream by teaching karate in the city of Glen Cove. The most popular classes at the school, instructors said, are ones for children. He teaches as early as 2 years old. Alvarado and the rest of the staff contend that the fighting arts provide essential tools for success in school and in life. According to Alvarado, two major problems facing schools are obesity and bullying. He said the programs at his institute are tailored to combat these issues and many others. For more information about this business