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Barbet: grooming French

Barbets en Bresse, France
il y a 8 ans|771 vues
French Lover Dog, aka Froggy is 11 months old. He is of the "Old Bloodlines" of the Vieux Barbet Français or Griffon Barbet.
There are 2 schools of Barbet: the Modern Barbet who advise everyone to cut and keep the coat really short starting at 4 months old, and the "Old Bloodlines" who say: never, oh never shave a puppy, poor heart. His coat has never been cut since he was born.
I have combed/brushed him out with a Pooch (red) and a metal comb.
It took me less than an hour to get through the whole body. Then, I will take him swimming to get him wet, bring him home and wash him.
I let him air dry, never with a blow dryer.
The Griffon Barbet is a rustic dog!
As you will see, he has a lot of baby fuzz that needs to be cut off, but the beauty of a Barbet lies in the long curly coat they have! All in all, a much easier coat to manage long than the Modern Barbet's coat which needs to be constantly kept extremely short.
I will cut some off, shortly....but not too much!