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Vlog 035 - Robbie Robertson | Paul Simon | Amy ...

After more than a decade without a release, Robbie Robertson has stepped back into the spotlight with “How To Become Clairvoyant”, a bluesy, introspective look back at his five decade-long journey in the rock and roll biz, which began in the bars of Toronto’s Yonge Street in the early 60s. We play a bit of Robbie at the 2011 Junos introducing an excerpt of Bruce MacDonald’s documentary on that famous Canadian musical thoroughfare, and then jump into his Letterman appearance shortly afterwards, where he debuted “He Don't Live Here No More” from the new record. Next stop was the Jools Holland show for an interview, and a slower number from the disc, "The Right Mistake", and just in case you’re curious about who those backing musicians are, they’re the members of Dawes, an LA outfit who turned a lot of heads with their first hit single “When My Time Comes” which they performed on TV for the first time in mid-2010 on Craig Ferguson. The buzz surrounding Paul Simon’s excellent twelfth album “So Beautiful or So What” is deservedly starting to build, and tickets for his upcoming tour are sure to disappear quickly. Simon chose the Jimmy Fallon show to share with us some of the tunes from the new record, and over two nights he played a total of six songs, including the wonderful “Love Is Eternal Sacred Light” and “The Afterlife”, as well as rousing version of “Cecilia”, which saw the members of Stomp providing the percussive bed, and host Jimmy Fallon – playing it straight for once – joining in on guitar. Amy MacDonald is building a steady following of adoring fans, and considering the Scottish singer is only twenty-three, she seems poised for a rewarding musical career, particularly in continental Europe, where she’s experienced her greatest chart success. We play selections from two of her songs, “Spark” from 2010’s “A Curious Thing”, as well as “Mr. Rock and Roll” from 2008’s “This Is The Life”, both recorded by Swiss television. It’s pretty evident which era of his early career Dave Grohl was hoping to evoke ...
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