GaloSampa em Rede Nacional - Band
  • 17 years ago
Matéria exibida em rede nacional, no programa do Havalone, na Bandeirantes, no dia 09/10/2006. A torcida não comparece somente nas arquibancadas. Torcedores Atleticanos espalhados por todo o Brasil se reunem para assistir aos jogos do Galo, como é o caso da GaloSampa.

This images are from supporters of Clube Atlético Mineiro, that lives in other Brazil states. "GaloSampa" is a group of Atleticanos that lives in São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil. They come together during all Atlético games to sing and see the match. This game was played in october 07 (2006). In this game, the "Galo" (rooster, the mascote of the team) make another suporters record: more than 56.000 fans in the stadium saw his club beats Brasiliense by 1:0. This is the supporters attendance record in all 2006 national Brazilian soccer matches.